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    Default WIMP - Where Is My Phone v1.4.0

    WIMP - Where Is My Phone v1.4.0

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    In the event of your phone being lost or stolen, you can simply send a specially formatted SMS text message to the phone and the W.I.M.P software will silently intercept it. W.I.M.P. will then send back a message containing the phone's GPS location in a format which can be entered into any common mapping application.

    OK - so someone steals your phone. What is the first thing they're going to do? Change the SIM card right? The W.I.M.P. application will automatically detect a change in the SIM card and send you a text message containing the new number. You can then use that number to track the device's location or even ring the phone!

    W.I.M.P. will always run covertly in the background, it will even automatically start when you reset the phone ensuring it is always protected.


    Runs silently and covertly in the background. It doesn't even show in the list of running programs.
    Will send your phone's GPS coordinates via text message, allowing you to accurately track your phone's location using any common mapping application (e.g. Log in to see links)
    If the SIM card is replaced on the phone, it will automatically send a text message informing you of the new number.

    Keygen made by Tyra & tum0rc0re for the previous release, however key is still valid for version 1.4.0.

    Please test it on your devices.

    Pocket PC
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    Talking about media players from Microsoft...

    There was the Portable Media Center which worked pretty well with Windows and Windows Media Player. It worked pretty well with XP Media Center Edition as well. They killed it in favor of the Zune.

    The Media Center Edition was based on the Windows Mobile platform.

    Now with the Windows Phone series 7, they plan to do the same thing.

    Kill Windows Mobile and move everything on to the Zune platform.

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