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    Druglord Wars is an adventure game pitting you against the world of street dealers, crooked cops, and drug cartels in a battle for money and drugs. Starting off in debt, you will build your drug empire by visiting over 10 beautifully rendered cities, and fight attackers out to get you.
    A throwback to the TI-83 version, Druglord Wars has been fully updated and modernized with over 150 custom designed graphics for the BlackBerry. See how you compare with players worldwide on the global high score board!


    * Unlimited gameplay mode to see how far you can take your drug empire
    * Global online leaderboard to compare your skills to the world with over 60,000 scores
    * Turn-based fight system allows you to choose your weapon and strategy
    * Hospital to recover health
    * 17 different drugs to buy and sell in 19 beautifully rendered cities
    * 20 different weapons, armor and storage containers to take down enemies, protect yourself, and hold more drugs
    * Over 150 custom designed images
    * Save games and preview progress before resuming

    Trackball(320x240)-Log in to see links

    Trackball(480x360-480x320)-Log in to see links

    Touchscreen storm-storm 2-Log in to see links
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    That is amazing action game I always want to play this kind of game.

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