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    What team do you support and why?

    I support a team called Greenock Morton, because the are my local team.

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    No i dont like football i hate it...

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    Stoke City FC because they are local and I go every home game.

  4. Red face soccer_maniac? don't think so.

    I may be the official "basketball_maniac" of Mobiles 24, but I used 2 be part of my old school's soccer team (as well as b-ball). Never really paid attention 2 FIFA and all that. I'd rather get in2 da game than watch it.

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    well i like yeovil as they r local can i deviate nd sey ,mii dad used to play bsketball nd was in d royal navy teem i also support bath rugby club wwwwwwoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh oli barcley

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    mon the hoops haha celtic and scotland awe the way

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    I don't understand football very much! Maybe later I will persuade myself into watching it and loving it. For it is the biggest sport in the world.

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    Bristol City, I'm from and live in Cardiff but I was brought up in Bristol from a young age, and Bristol were my local team when I lived in Bristol.

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