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    Default Archetype HD 1.2.0 for iPad

    Archetype HD 1.2.0

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    Archetype HD brings hundreds of thousands of players worldwide to your iPad!

    Hop into a game and pwn away! No gimmicks, just pure iPwnage.

    • OPTIMIZED for iPad: Redesigned HUD display takes advantage of the larger iPad screen for more efficient combat!

    • INCLUDES NEW STAGES: Both "Rocket Arena" mode and the new "Avarice" stage are in Archetype HD!

    • HIGH RESOLUTION Gameplay: Archetype's intense FPS combat has never looked so good on iPad's awesome 9.7" display!

    • SINGLE LOBBY SYSTEM: Use your iPad to play against your friends on iPhone and iPod touch, all in the same game!


    • TEAM BATTLES ACROSS 5 MAPS with 6 WEAPONS (including the Battle and Precision Rifles, rapid-fire AutoMag, shotgun, missile launcher, and brutal melee axe) plus 2 grenade types

    • PRECISE DUAL JOYSTICK-STYLE CONTROLS: Master the tight controls in seconds

    • RANK UP by earning EXP for winning games, earning any one of dozens of medals, and more!

    • INSTANTLY ADD and CHALLENGE BUDDIES: Start a deathmatch in seconds

    • TRACK ENEMIES via on-screen RADAR

    • MELEE WITH ANY GUN by tapping the on-screen radar

    • CUSTOMIZE your gameplay: Invert aim axis, set aim sensitivity, hide on-screen joysticks, even turn off auto-fire!

    • Hone your skills with OFFLINE TUTORIAL mode

    • iPWNAGE via Wi-Fi, 3G, or even Edge—take a console-style FPS experience on the go

    Hardware requirements:

    Network Connection Required. A 3G or WiFi connection is recommended for best gameplay experience.

    Archetype named IGN's GAME OF THE MONTH!

    The reviews are in and critics agree: Archetype rules!

    “Too often, I'm told that the iPhone cannot play hardcore games. The next time I hear this untruth, I am going to wave Archetype in front of the offender's face… Archetype is a great little multiplayer shooter.” – IGN, 8.4/“Impressive” game score

    “Archetype delivers one of the most robust, beautiful, and most importantly fun FPS experiences that can be had on the iPhone.” Touch Arcade

    “The deathmatches are exciting, the controls are brilliant, and the graphics are excellent (they’re even optimized for iPhone 4)... Any way you slice it, if you like deathmatch-style first-person shooters, you’ll love Archetype.” – Slide To Play

    “Keeps the 5-on-5 multiplayer action fast, frenzied, and remarkably good” –GamesRadar

    “Archetype lives up to the hype.” – TUAW

    1024x768, iPad
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