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    Default Euro 2012

    Qualifying started last friday, England got off to good start with a 4-0 win at home agaist Bulgaria, tonight probably face our toughest opponents in the group away to Switzerland.

    France lost 1-0 at home to Belarus

    These or tonights matches ..

    Euro 2012 - Group A

    Turkey - Belgium
    Austria - Kazakhstan
    Germany - Azerbaijan

    Euro 2012 - Group B

    Russia - Slovakia
    FYROM - Armenia
    Rep. of Ireland - Andorra

    Euro 2012 - Group C

    Serbia - Slovenia
    Italy - Faroe Islands

    Euro 2012 - Group D

    Belarus - Romania
    Albania - Luxembourg
    Bosnia-Herzegovina - France

    Euro 2012 - Group E

    Sweden - San Marino
    Holland - Finland
    Hungary - Moldova

    Euro 2012 - Group F

    Georgia - Israel
    Malta - Latvia
    Croatia - Greece

    Euro 2012 - Group G

    Bulgaria - Montenegro
    Switzerland - England

    Euro 2012 - Group H

    Denmark - Iceland
    Norway - Portugal

    Euro 2012 - Group I

    Czech Republic - Lithuania
    Scotland - Liechtenstein
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    FT Switzerland 1-3 England
    Rooney, A Johnson and Bent with the goals.

    Max points, without Lampard our midfield looks alot more balanced.

    Lucky Scots, scoring in the 7th minute of injury time to beat the mighty Liechtenstein 2-1
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    Good results for England(but not great-let's not get carried away)
    Didn't watch Bulgaria game(listened on radio and saw highlights) and have had concussion for last couple of days so I couldn't go to pub to watch Switzerland match on sky (was only vaguely aware anyway so it would have been a waste of time and money). Adam Johnson seems to have finally answered our left wing problem. Rooney seems better but still not at his best-understandable if rumours about his personal life are true-he'll get an especially nasty reception when man utd play everton now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazyitus Log in to see links
    Adam Johnson seems to have finally answered our left wing problem.
    You would think so being left footed, but both games hes played on the right, Milner was on the left.

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    Well that doesn't make a lot of sense because they'll both always have to cut inside to cross but I suppose against stronger teams they can switch so left footer is on left and right footer on right..

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    Not really, if their weaker foot is decent enough. Just think Messi, hes left footed but plays on the right. I think its so you can come in on to your stronger foot and shoot.

    I would prefer Milner on the right, he can cross a ball. Good options we have.

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    Nothing will change with crapello in charge, still picks the same players that or not good enough.

    What happened at the Italy v Serbia game? Abandoned.

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    Bah... You think England have problems, look at Wales.

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    England beat the welsh tomorrow and were just about there.

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    Be fair we did alright tonight.

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