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    If you drop a pin in cyberspace, you'll hear it in the Lounge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noxide Log in to see links
    If you drop a pin in cyberspace, you'll hear it in the Lounge
    Is it so ?

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    M24 is part of my daily life
    ---- Smiles acrss Miles ----

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    The first page I go to every morning.

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    my most fav site, 2nd most visited site in my browser

    members are very friendly thats why the only forum i am active on is M24

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    M24 Forum is ghost community.

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    M24 Forum and Gallery is the to go place for the best apps and ringtones, Thank you Mark and Karl You two are the best!

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    It badly needs a shoutbox for better discussion :happy:

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    i'm not as active anymore as i used to since my dad past away. but when i did i was always welcomed here by everyone even the team of mobiles made good friends here. what makes me more happy is what they did for my dad who was a big uploader here. but what i like the most here is what i can download from ringtones to wallpapers. im not much as a fan af games or other apps. and i'm still happy to see mobiles24 is still alive (seen many died)

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