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    Default Cake Mania: Celebrity Chef [by Mr. Goodliving] BlackBerry

    Cake Mania: Celebrity Chef

    [by Mr. Goodliving]

    Jill Evans is back for fast-paced, frosted fun on a new reality show in Cake Mania Celebrity Chef

    Jill's delicious cakes have become so popular that she's been invited to appear on Cake Mania Celebrity Chef, a culinary competition taking place in exotic locations around the globe! Help Jill bake her way to the top by whipping up cakes for her quirky customers in more than 50 exciting levels. Stack, serve, and catch cakes in three all-new mini-games and climb to the top of the Cake-o-Meter by completing fun milestones.

    The Cake Mania series has been played by millions of casual gamers, and critics love it too: Pocket Gamer gave the original mobile version an 8 out 10, and IGN called it "impressive." Now Jill Evans is back and ready for the bright lights in this all-new chapter of the smash hit.

    Do you have the swift strategy and fast fingers it will take to help Jill earn the title "Cake Baker Champion"?

    Find out in Cake Mania Celebrity Chef! Play the latest chapter of this hit series today!

    BlackBerry 95XX Storm Series (360x480) :9500, 9510, 9520, 9530, 9550 (Storm 2)

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    is there a way to download games to a phone

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    I was looking for it thank you for sharing my friend.

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