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    Default GPS Tuner for Windows Mobile

    GPS Tuner v5.4m

    PS Tuner is an off-road navigation software for Pocket PC devices. While most car navigation software gives you the possibility of planning your route based on a road network, GPS Tuner gives you the ability of navigation where the roads end. GPS Tuner is an excellent tool for hiking, geocaching, boating, flying, driving and many other sporting activities. Attention all climbers, skiers, anglers, hikers, quadders, rafters, mountain bikers, and everyone else who loves to get away from city life with GPS Tuner 6! Make the most of your precious time outdoors with GPS Tuner 6, the compelling new version of the tried and trusted off-road navigation software for nature lovers everywhere.


    - Fullscreen display
    - Long press of EXIT button can send GPS Tuner to background (minimize)
    - Optimized display of tracks and routes on VGA devices
    - MobileMapper 6 support (E-Compass with calibration, Barometer and Thermometer, Special Keys)
    - HTC Diamond/Touch Pro support (Zoom with Nav Sensor, Day/Night Color switching based on Light Sensor)
    - New calibration (.cal) format has been added, so you are able to use Touratech QV maps
    - Top-Zero sign has been added to Compass View
    - Pressure graph has been added (for MM6 users only)
    - Bubble Level Compass tool has been added (for MM6 users only)
    - HTC Touch HD and HTC Touch 3G compatibility


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    Thanks for the upload Just stumbled across this site looking for ring tones and there is so much more here than just that. Thanks again!

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    can use for htc touch ?

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