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    Default Opera Mobile for Windows Mobile

    Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta 1 Widgets Manager 9.7b1

    Opera Mobile is the fastest, most secure browser available for Windows mobile handsets.

    Opera Mobile gives you: a true Web experience optimized for mobile phones the ability to offer Web applications right on the idle screen the full richness of Web 2.0 services using AJAX blazing speed with Operas Presto rendering engine accelerated time to market with Opera Widgets Tka proven product with a focus on innovation, quality and user experience

    For Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.1

    Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta 1
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    Widgets Manager 9.7b1
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    [PPC][PDA] Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 + Flash
    Lite 3.1 w dwóch różnych wersjach i ActiveX.[/b]

    11,47 MB Windows Mobile
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    thanks man

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