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    The United boss said: "The facilities for both players and fans are magnificent, from training grounds to stadia and the passion of the English people for the game would ensure that everybody would be made to feel welcome.

    "It would be a memorable occasion and would inspire people all over the world."

    After i seen a picture of lokomotiv fans in Russia today with a banner saying thank you west brom with a banana in the middle, after west brom signed their player Peter Odemwingie from them who is black, the banana being racism, complete morons, it would be an absolute joke if Russia gets it, its common sense it shouldn't.
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    Unfortunately common sense and FIFA don't go together. Only money talks and it's not always the stuff you see going through the accounts.

    If the 2018 decision was based purely on infrastructure and social integration it would go to England hands down. However my gut tells me Russia is going to win it. I for one would not go there given their human rights record and indifference to multi culturalism. No doubt the petro dollars of the state will quickly gloss that over in FIFA's eyes.

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    World Cup bids head-to-head

    The winning countries will be revealed on 2nd December.

    2018 Bidding

    .................................................. .....................................

    2022 Bidding

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    1 day to go, cant see us getting it

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    World Cups held in England and the United States would meet all of Fifa's projected revenue targets and deliver bigger profits to world football's governing body than any of their competitors, according to a confidential report.

    Both England, who are bidding for the 2018 finals, and the US, bidding for 2022, were given an unbeatable overall 100% rating by management consultants McKinsey.

    McKinsey were commissioned by Fifa to analyse each bid across five key revenue streams: sponsorship, ticketing, hospitality, licensing and media rights.

    The report, which does not reveal Fifa's projected target figure, just each country's potential to meet it, has been sent to the Fifa executive members who will decide the destinations of the two World Cups on Thursday.

    It will be discussed by the executive committee for the first time on Wednesday.

    The report, entitled Fifa's World Cup Host Candidate Assessment, gave England an overall 100% rating for 2018, followed by Spain/Portugal with 91%, Holland/Belgium 87% and Russia 86%.

    For 2022, it rated the United States top with an overall 100% evaluation, followed by Japan with 73%, South Korea 71%, Qatar 70%, and Australia on 68%.

    England scored 100% in all five of the revenue stream areas, while the United States scored 100% in four.

    All the European candidates for 2018 scored 100% in media rights because McKinsey did not see a variation in revenue potential as all countries fall into the same European time zone for broadcasting matches.

    The biggest difference in any 2018 revenue stream came in hospitality in which Russia only scored 56%.

    England also had the highest revenue potential in licensing and merchandising, while Holland/Belgium scored 73%.
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    Russia won the FIFA World Cup 2018 bid and Qatar won the FIFA World Cup 2022 bid.
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    Glad we didn't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Log in to see links
    Glad we didn't get it.
    I'm glad we didn't get it

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    International football is dead until FIFA are exposed, disgusting

    The African continent will be looking forward to qualifying for 2018, am sure. Russia = One of the most racism countries in the world, and the public safety, its unsafe, run by mafia.

    Qatar is absolutely ridiculous, roasting hot in the middle of the dessert, players will be dropping like flies.

    And Faroe islands will get 2026 i suppose..
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