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  1. Question whats your ringtone?

    simple thread....this is how it goes
    just post what ringtone your using at the moment. it could be for message or calls. lets c what intresting and diffrent music or instrumentals people like and enjoy!
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    forgot to post mines!

    for calls: run this town by jay-z and rhianna
    message down by jay sean

  3. Wink

    ringtone: Adam Shaw - Far Cry
    message tone: default (from SE)

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    Ringtone: Comfortably Numb solo
    Message tone:Guitar

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    Ringtone: Banana phone
    Message tone: bouncing ball

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belinda Log in to see links
    Ringtone: Banana phone
    Message tone: bouncing ball

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    well my mobile is in repair but the ringtone was ..

    Sing up for d champions

    And some dance remixes now an again

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    my ringtone is Edward Maya Ft Alicia - Stereo Love V13
    and my msg is the drill remix

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    Ringtone-Brain Stew by Green Day
    Message tone-Sample from Monty Python's Holy Grail('Message for you sir!')

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    Ringtone : Secret by Ayumi Hamasaki

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