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  1. Cool What's Your Favorite Movie or TV Show?

    This is pretty simple, just post your favorite movie and(or) TV Show and tell us why you love it.

    My favorite movie is War Of The Worlds Whether it be the fact that Tom Cruise is awesome in this movie Everything about this movie is great and it's definitely my favorite!

    I haven't really thought about my favorite TV show, but if I had to pick one it would probably be Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Amazingly funny, and Shake is probably the stupidest character on a movie or show. Well, next to Harry and Lloyd anyway

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    The Matrix trilogy - best CG (back then, in my opinion), well developed story/characters
    All Hayao Miyazaki animations - Well drawn, and excellent story. I strongly recommend you to check them out!
    Avatar - Great CG and interesting concept.

    Heroes, off course! - Simply, nothing like others!

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    My favorite movie is"Transformers series" and favorite tv show is "Drake and josh"

  4. Default Favorite TV Show?

    - the funny comedy show How I Met Your Mother..

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    Im gonna add more....

    Fave Movie: It's A Wonderful Life (50's movies with James Stewart)
    Fave TV: Torchwood/Dr Who
    Fave Director: Alfred Hitchcock
    Fave Actor: James Stewart
    Fave Actress: JenniferTilly
    Fave Poker Player: Jennifer Tilly
    Fave Tv Personality: John Barrowman
    Fave Animated: Tom and Jerry
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    Avatar, Twilight series, Matrix trilogy, Monty Python.

    Heroes, House MD, Gossip Girl, ER.

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    Favorite Movies:
    • Matrix
    • Tombstone
    • Big Trouble, Little China
    • SLC Punk
    • Inglurious Basterds
    • Boondock Saints
    • Fight Club

    Favorite Series:
    • Heroes
    • How I Met Your Mother
    • House

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    TV Shows:

    Mock The Week
    Bottom (the most nonsenical comedy ever)


    Fast and Furious (thats for you Jurie)

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    My favorite movies are The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, The Amityville Horror, The Sixth Sense, The Changeling, The Haunting, The Dark Knight, The Great Escape, The Seven Samurai,The Bourne Ultimatum. These all movies are gives full entertainment.

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    My favorite TV show is Supernaturals and prison break!!!

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