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    Quote Originally Posted by indubitable Log in to see links
    Former WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels has opened a Family Amusement Park with his wife in Texas.
    The Heartbreak Kid, i remember him growing up watching wrestling, and doing the sticker albums. Doesn't interest me anymore though, its all fake. Prefer Boxing

  2. Smile WWE Dark match

    WWE organizers have organized a Triple Threat Match for WWE Monday Night Raw 900th episode on 30th August. It would be Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs John Cena INSIDE A STEEL CAGE. The match would be only a dark match that is it would only be available for the live crowd present. TOO BAD though it would be uploaded on youtube soon after for everybody to see.

  3. Smile WWE Raw 23 August 2010

    RAW Opener:

    WWE Star Sheamus is out first tonight and he calls American child spoiled brats, and says they are selfish and cry to get what they want. He goes outside to the barricade and starts making fun of the kids for being lazy and not being deserving enough to be there. He says there is a bigger spoiled child in the WWE, and his name is WWE Superstar Randy Orton. Sheamus says WWE Night of Champions is coming up, and asks the GM to ignore Randy Orton's demands, and says Orton should never get another shot after what he did to Sheamus last week.
    Cole gets an email and he says the GM doesn't have a problem with Sheamus, and he should be rewarded. Cole asks some guys to bring out a throne, and the GM says Sheamus will determine the new contender to Sheamus' title. He will watch all of the matches and at the end of the night make a decision to his opponent at Night of Champions. Sheamus says thank you, but Cole tells him the matches start now, and Edge's music starts to play.

    •WWE Star Edge def. WWE star R-Truth

    Truth ducks a clothesline and hits a hurricanrana, then knocks Edge out of the ring. Truth jumps outside but Edge dodges him then throws him into the barricade, and starts choking on the ring ropes. Truth fights out of a body stretch by Edge and runs the ropes and both men collide in the middle of the ring. Truth knocks Edge down with a flying forearm then hits a big hip toss, but does a split and walks into the Edge-O-Matic. Edge backs off and sets up for a spear in the corner, but Truth jumps over him, tries to hit a scissors kick, but Edge moves out of the way and hits a close spear for the win.

    Edge grabs a mic and says Sheamus brags about who he has beaten, but until Sheamus beats him, he hasn't beaten anyone.
    •WWE Star Chris Jericho def. WWE star The Great Khali

    Jericho punches Khali in the face and Khali gets ****** and throws him on the ground. Khali sends Jericho into the corner and chops him across the chest, then hits a hard right hand in the middle. Jericho fights back and starts attacking Khali's leg, then uses the ropes to jump on it, but Khali tries to put him in the Vice Grip and Jericho slides out of the ring to break the hold.

    Jericho goes right back to work on Khali's leg, then goes for the Codebreaker but gets caught and slammed, then Khali clotheslines him down and follows with a bodyslam. Jericho ducks a big boot in the corner, and struggles to apply the Walls of Jericho. When he finally gets in locked in, Khali tries to fight the pain but eventually taps out.

    Jericho grabs a microphone and is standing on the turnbuckle while asking Sheamus if he saw that. He tells him not to listen to Edge, because Jericho is the first Undisputed WWE Champion and he tells Sheamus to pick him as his opponent. Jericho turns around and sees Khali behind him and Khali chops Jericho off the ropes and onto the floor.

    Josh Mathews welcomes WWE Superstar John Cena backstage and Cena says he doesn't regret choosing WWE Star Daniel Bryan for Team WWE. He says Miz is the one who almost cost them the match, and says Miz is the one with the ego and big mouth, and tonight Cena will shut it, with an Attitude Adjustment.

    WWE Diva Jillian Hall is in the ring and she says she has been Diva's Champion before, and she is about to do it again tonight, because she's not afraid... and starts singing the Eminem song before WWE Diva Melina makes her entrance to cut her off.

    •WWE Divas Championship: Melina def. Jillian Hall

    Jillian punches Melina in the face then ducks Melina off the ropes and starts pulling her hair from behind. She switches to an arm stretch then steps on Melina's back and tries hitting a suplex but Melina blocks it, and hits a facebuster, but Jillian kicks out at two. Melina jumps to the middle turnbuckle and leapfrogs Jillian, but Jillian shoves her in the face and goes up to the rope. She misses and crashes down on the mat, then Melina hits the Last Call to retain.

    After the match WWE Diva Michelle McCool and Layla appear on the Titantron and say they haven't seen her since they embarrassed her at WWE Summerslam. They say they have an offer she can't refuse, and it's flawless.

    Josh Mathews is in the locker room with WWE Superstar The Miz and he says Cena put Team WWE at risk when he chose Daniel Bryan to be part of their team. Miz says he wants to talk about his ego, and says he didn't cash in at Summerslam because he was thinking about helping Team WWE. He says Cena tried embarrassing him in front of everyone, so tonight he will show him that there will be consequences. As for Sheamus, he doesn't expect to face him and Night of Champions, but it doesn't matter because he can pick his match anytime he wants to.

    WWE Nexus makes their way out to the stage and Cole interrupts with an email. It says the GM requested their presence, and says the Nexus title ban has been lifted. Wade Barrett approaches Sheamus and tells him their truce is over.

    •The Miz def. John Cena by DQ

    Miz kicks and punches Cena on the mat then whips him into the corner, but Cena fights back with punches and a sideslam. Cena runs at Miz but Miz sidesteps him and Cena crashes shoulder first into the ringpost, then they exchange punches before Miz regains control and kicks Cena in the ribs. Miz runs the ropes and hits a legdrop for a two count, then goes back to stomping at Cena on the mat. Cena fights back and hits the Throwback, then goes up to the top turnbuckle but Miz trips him and dumps Cena to the floor.

    Miz has Cena in a sleeperhold and grapevines it and Cena starts to fade before coming back and ramming Miz into the corner to break the hold. Miz responds with a stiff kick to the head then pounds Cena on the ring apron. He hits a kneelift then drags Cena back in and catapults him neck first into the bottom rope. Miz backs off and runs across the ring and clotheslines Cena in the corner, but somehow Cena still kicks out. Miz backs off and goes for the same move, but Cena ducks out of the way and hits a few shoulder blocks off the ropes then hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Miz fights out and hits a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo, only to have Cena still kick out at two.

    Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Cena fights out, and trips Miz and locks in the STF. Miz is able to get to the ropes and Cena breaks then hold, and runs right into a big boot by Miz, but fights out of another Skull Crushing Finale attempt. He sets up for another Attitude Adjustment, but Miz holds the ropes then bails outside to catch a breather. Daniel Bryan runs down to ringside and blindsides Miz, then rolls him in the ring and Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment, but the ref calls for the bell and disqualifies Cena for the interference.

    Cena leaves the ring and Bryan jumps in the ring and puts Miz in the LeBell Lock, and refuses to let go until referees force him to break the hold.

    •WWE Superstars Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov def. The Usos (w/ Tamina)

    Santino starts off trying to kick Jimmy then taunts him with the Cobra, but Jimmy kicks him then tags in Jey who hits a forearm smash and a big splash, but only gets a two count. Santino hip tosses and dropkick Jimmy, but Jimmy retaliates and starts pounding Santino before putting him in a facelock. Santino tries making a tag but Jimmy punches Kozlov, but Santino recovers in time to get the tag and Kozlov headbutts and powerslams Jey. Santino takes Jimmy outside of the the ring and Kozlov catches Jey and picks him up and hits the Iron Curtain to pick up the win.

    After the match Jimmy tries attacking Santino but Tamina calls him off and gets in the way. She checks to see if he is OK before leaving with the Usos and Jimmy doesn't look very happy at what she just did. While they are walking up towards the ramp she turns and blows Santino a kiss, and he tells Kozlov he thinks she likes him.
    •WWE Triple Threat Match: Randy Orton def. Ted Dibiase (w/ Maryse) & John Morrison

    Orton works on Ted then Morrison pulls Ted outside and hits a flash kick off the apron, and gets in to work on Orton. Orton takes him down and puts Morrison in a headlock, but Morrison fights out and kicks Orton, but gets dumped out of the ring. Ted comes back in and kicks Orton in the head then kicks him in the midsection in the corner. Ted sidesteps Orton and hits a lariat, then he hits a neckbreaker on Morrison, but Orton recovers and takes them both out and starts to psych up.

    Orton sets up a DDT on the ropes, and avoids a flash kick by Morrison, hits the DDT, and sets up for an RKO. Ted telegraphs it and shoves Orton into Morrison, who hits a spin kick, then Orton fights out of a Dream Street attempt by Ted. He shoves Ted outside and Morrison jumps back in and tries to hit a springboard move but Orton sees it coming and hits a sick looking RKO in midair to get the win.

    Josh Mathews finds Sheamus in the back and asks him why he walked out on the triple threat match. Sheamus said he saw enough of Orton, and he has made his decision on who his opponent will be. Sheamus says the world will find out in a few minutes when he walks out to the ring and tells everyone.

    When Sheamus gets in the ring and he says he has been thinking about it for awhile, and he has a huge announcement to make tonight. He says he won't wait until Night of Champions because he will defend his title now. He says the reason he is WWE Champion is because of opportunity, and he is making a new #1 contender, and his next opponent is... WWE Star Zack Ryder. Ryder comes out and says he wants to thank Sheamus for the opportunity, but he just made the biggest mistake of his life. Woo woo woo, you know it.

    WWE Championship Match: Sheamus def. Zack Ryder

    The ref rings the bell and Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick and makes the pin.

    Sheamus grabs the mic and says that was impressive, but now he wants to go over some rules, and says he doesn't have to defend for another 30 days. He says he is talking the night off at Night of Champions, and might even go back to Ireland and ... he gets interrupted by WWE NEXT star Wade Barrett. Barrett says he is right, he doesn't have to defend, but Barrett won WWE NXT, so he gets a shot at a WWE PPV of his choice, and he is taking it at Night of Champions. Cole interrupts again, and he says this email states that Sheamus will defend against Barrett, but that isn't all. The GM says Sheamus spoke of opportunity, and he will give that same opportunity to four other superstars in a Six Pack Challenge. The other participants will be WWE Stars Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Edge and John Cena.

    Each one of them makes their way down to the ring and they all surround Sheamus and stare him down. Sheamus shoves Barrett into the middle and they all circle him like Nexus has been doing for weeks. They all start beating him down and Sheamus tosses him out of the ring then turns right around into a Codebreaker by Jericho. Edge hits Jericho with a spear, then Cena hits him with an Attitude Adjustment, and Orton finally RKO's him to end the show.

  4. Smile Back with a bang!!

    Sorry Guys i was gone for a while. But i am back with what happened over last two weeks

    Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler : the rivalry is intense. Vicky Guerrero who played an important role in these matches by disqualifing Dolph intentionally, to make him retain his title, again struck. This time the match rules stated that if Dolph was disqualified, he would lose the title. But Vicky intentionally kept Dolph out of the ring so they lost via countout, but retained the title.

    The Miz and Daniel Bryan : ↲The United States Championship has not been defended since Fatal 4 Way pay per view, so Daniel Bryan has a good oppurtunity.

    Melina and Michelle Mcool, Layla :

    Well, i am not really interested in Diva matches but it is for you WWE Fans. Michelle and Layla who also hold the women tag team championship, challanged Melina for a match at Night Of Champions against one of them for the Divas Championship. Melina instantly agreed on a condition that it would be a LumberJack match.

    The WWE Unified Tag Team Championship :
    Originally, it was the No 1 contentor's match between John Morisson and R Truth vs Cody Rhodes and Drew Mcyntire, but everything got out of control between the teams and the referee called of the match.

    Kane and The Undertaker:

    The Undertaker has vowed to make his brother rest in piece at Night Of Champions.

    Sheamus vs WWE :

    Now, listen to this, after Summer Slam, Sheamus was boastin about how he defeated Randy Orton so 2 weeks back, the Raw General Manager(still unknown) said he was impressed and got Sheamus a throne. He announced series of matches, and told Sheamus that he could chose his competitor for Night Of Champions among them. Later than night, Sheamus announced Zack Ryder as his competitor and said he would have a match for the WWE Championship defend right now. Though Sheamus won in just 10 sec, Raw General Manager was not happy. He announced A SIX PACK CHALLENGE FOR SHEAMUS AT NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS. It would be Sheamus vs Wade Barett vs John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Edge vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship. However next week there was a 5 on 5 elimination tag team match involving The Nexus vs John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Sheamus, Chris Jericho. But Jericho and Edge eliminated themselves. So this week, Raw GM, was not happy, and said that it would be Jericho vs Morisson and Edge vs The Great Khali, and if Edge and Jericho lose, they are out of the six pack challenge. Although, Edge won Jericho lost and he is out of the challenge.

  5. Lightbulb WWE RAW 900th episode

    Well folks, it started with The Undertaker vs Bret Hart in episode 1 main event. Here we are on a phenomenal landmark in prime time television.

    WWE has aired 900 episodes from now right from 1993 in Madisson Square Garden till last week in Boston. It could go on for ever. WWE has aired more shows than Survivor, American Idol and Friends together. It is with your love that WWE has been able to mark itself in your lives.

    The Undertaker vs Bret Hart : No result, the nexus interrupted and beat down the Undertaker

    Alex Riley and Miz vs Daniel Bryan and Kavault vs Michael Mcillucuty(Triple Threat Tag Team Match) : Winner : Alex Riley and The Miz

    John Morisson and R Truth vs Cody Rhodes and Drew Mcyntire( No 1 contendor's match for WWE tag team championship) : No result, the refferee called off the match.

    Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne : Winner : Jack Swagger via submission

    5 on 5 tag team elimination match(John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Edge, Chris Jericho vs The Nexus-Wade Barett, Health Slater, David O'Tunga, Michael Tarver, Dont remember last one's name) : Winner : The Nexus

  6. Cool Miscellaneous

    Team Nexus down from 7 members to 6 :
    3 weeks back Raw GM announced a series of individual matches for Nexus members vs WWE members. If any nexus was to lose, he was to be exiled from the group. So, Darren Young lost to John Cena and he was exiled from the group.

    Alberto Del Rio's Smackdown debut :
    Alberto Del Rio debued on smackdown last week, when he interrupted Rey Mysterio and called him a cockroach. Mysterio challanged him to a match later but tapped out to Alberto's cross arm break submission, but even after the match, he continued to attack Rey with a steel chair

  7. Smile WWE Night Of Champions- Official Matchcard

    Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler(Intercontinental Championship)

    The Miz vs Daniel Bryan(United States Championship)

    David O'Tunga and Michael Tarver(The Nexus) vs The Hart Dynasty(WWE Unified Tag Team Championship)

    Melina vs Michelle Mcool/Layla(Divas Championship, Lumberjack Match)

    Kane vs The Undertaker(World Heavyweight Championship)

    John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Wade Barett vs Sheamus(c)(WWE Championship, Six Pack Challenge)

  8. Thumbs up My Predictions- Hell In A Cell Matchcard

    Hello mobile24ers!!

    I also wanted to tell you about My Predictions for Night Of Champion results, but that would just ruin the fun. I dont want to do that.

    But here are my predictions for the next ppv, Hell In A Cell matches(and not results). They are all expert predictions.

    Cody Rhodes vs Dolph Ziggler(Intercontinental Championship)

    The Miz vs Daniel Bryan(United States Championship)

    Layla vs Michelle Mcool(Divas Championship)

    The Hart Dynasty vs Mystery Opponents(WWE Unified Tag Team Championship)

    Kane vs The Undertaker(Hell In A Cell Match, World Heavyweight Championship)

    John Cena vs Wade Barett vs Randy Orton(Hell In A Cell Match, Triple Threat Match, WWE Championship)

    Sheamus vs Triple H(Hell In A Cell Match)

    80 per cent of the above predictions are scheduled to be true.

    I cant take my eyes off the last match!!!

  9. Post WWE Smackdown 10 September 2010 Results

    MVP vs Jack Swagger : Winner : Jack Swagger via submission

    Matt Hardy vs Alberto Del Rio : Alberto Del Rio via submission

    Kaval(Smackdown debut, Season 2 NXT winner) vs Drew Mcyntire : Winner : Drew Mcyntire via pinfall

    Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters vs Chavo Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler : Winner : Kofi Kingston and Chavo Guerrero

    The Undertaker vs C M Punk : Winner : The Undertaker via submission

  10. Exclamation WWE Raw 13 September 2010

    This week's Raw was Raw Roulette.
    Raw Roulette returned to monday night Raw after 3 years. It basically is that the matches and the stipulation is decided by a wheel.

    John Cena was there in the ring when Josh Mathews spinned the wheel. It stopped on Randy Orton. The next time wheel spun to decide the stipulation, it was a Tables Match.

    William Regal backside was waiting for the spinning wheel and it said Goldust in a Trading Places Match. So William was to compete in Goldust costume and vice versa.

    William Regal vs Goldust(Trading Places Match)
    Winner : Goldust via pinfall

    Edge vs Evan Bourne(Body Slam Challenge)
    Edge went for a backbody drop late in the match and then slamed Evan for the win, however, he speared Evan after his win. The Raw GM was not happy and said that Edge took advantage of his opponent after the win, so it would be another match for Edge.

    Edge vs Mark Henry(Body Slam Challenge)
    Edge tried to lift Mark Henry, but Mark Henry did not budge but instead jumped on Edge and gave him The Worlds Strongest Slam.

    It was to decide weather John Morisson would replace Chris Jericho in the Six Pack Challenge this Sunday, against Sheamus.

    John Morisson vs Shemus(Falls Count Anywhere Match)
    They were fighting every where, inside the ring, barricades, raw enterance stage, until Chris Jericho delivered a steel chair on John Morisson's back and Sheamus won.

    Eve Torres and R Truth vs Maryse and Ted DibiAse(Sing And Dance Contest)
    Winner : Eve Torres and R Truth

    Raw's Guest host Chad Ohiccio was out in the ring, praising himself when Miz interrupted and insulted him. The Raw GM told that Miz would compete in a submission match and told Chad to decide his competitor, when he said, Daniel Bryan.

    The Miz vs Daniel Bryan(Submission Match)
    Miz backed out saying that he wants to save himself for this Sunday, and told his NXT rookie Alex Riley to compete. Daniel Bryan won very soon and when Miz came to attack him, he made him too to tap out.

    Chris Jericho was in the ring demanding Raw GM to put him back in the six pack challenged. The Rw GM agrreed but only if he won the following match.

    Chris Jericho vs The Hart Dynasty(Steel Cage Handicapped Match)
    After, one of the Hart Dynasty member, escaped the steel cage, Jericho locked Tyson Kid in Walls of Jericho for the victory.

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