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    Cool Positron [by Buzz Software's]

    Buzz Software's Positron v1.02(825) ML S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed {PAC-MAN STYLE GAME}

    Positron is a fascinating, logical arcade game.

    The purpose of the game is to help Positron, a true hero among balls, consume the necessary number of “Infotrons” to get through “Exitdoors,” in order to proceed to the next levels.

    The key features of the game are:

    * 111 unique levels
    * Exciting puzzles
    * Charming opponents: the Toothy Eye and the Brainsucker;
    * There are no random events in the game, which means that your success totally depends on your own skill

    The game was designed for mobile platforms, therefore the following features were taken into account:

    * Positron can be controlled both with a joystick and number keys
    * Your game will be autosaved if there is an incoming call or message
    * The game speed can be adjusted any time

    Have fun!

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