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    Quote Originally Posted by Conniesta Log in to see links
    I am trying to list my phone and number so I can download ringtones, however the Samsung Galaxy S3 isn't listed, so am unsure how to go about it Thanks for any help you can offer
    The Galaxy S3 is listed; although, downloading ringtones does not require any device to be selected. You can simply browse the ringtones here.

    You can also download our Log in to see links to browse and download ringtones and wallpapers directly from your phone.

    Quote Originally Posted by bikerdude8730 Log in to see links
    Iwas also trying to find my phone but no luck it is a Casio GZone cammando smart phone based on android, does that mean i cant use any downloads
    The Casio G'zOne Commando should be included in the next update. As it is based on Android, you can browse and download content without selecting a device. Use the side navigation to browse our free stuff.

    You'll find Android apps here: Apps / Games.

    You can also download our official Android App Log in to see links.

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    Thank you Karl, that helped

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    Default Hello..Great forum people

    Hello. This forum is awesome...I really like it. thank you guys

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    its a new thing

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    What a wonderful comment

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    Good job team!

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