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  1. Cool !ALL IN ONE MULTINETWORK HANDLERS APLLICATIONS![upd=added utube,gmap,bolt,ETC]

    Hello Gstekies here i am posing all the handlers available here on Gstek and others collected by me so that i one plzce we can find them all

    I am attaching all in 5 packs in 3 posts and also as a full dowload


    1st Zip Pack contains-: (all r handler)

    *Aed Dloader by Avadhoot bro
    *Mobile download manager
    *youtube download n watch
    *Togo Tv
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Hi bro!Please I want handler Ucweb v7.2 english version for Orange Cameroon.My ip is port no is 8080 and my apn is orangecmgprs.I have a Symbian s60v3 (NokiaE61)Thank for advance!

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    Came across this very interesting training course which can be used for both self-learning and educational purposes. Topics that are covered in this course are:
    • Qt for Symbian introduction
    • Development environment set up
    • Smart installer
    • Memory management
    • Active objects
    • Platform security
    • Mobility APIs
    This ZIP package includes training documentation in 3 lectures and lab exercises with example code. This is a beta release of this training course.
    Download it here

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