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    30 and one like 'bling bling' the premolar
    the question many pairs of shoes do you have
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    don't care much about shoes... got about 3 pairs... wear only 1 pair, the other 2 are very helpful for collecting dust...

    here's my query: how many times have you scratched your head since morning?

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    I'm not sure maybe five or six times today

    How many times have you gone onto the internet today?

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    6th time 2day.
    Am an internet addict

    how many times hv u gone to relieve ur pressure 2day

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    How many footballs do you have?

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    2 One for me to kick about & the other for the dog .

    How many people love you

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    Mom,dad, sisters my neice n my friend..Total 6! Only..

    How many wrist watches u have?

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    5 but I don't wear any, I have my mobile phone on me at all times

    How many belts do you own?

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    10 i like to mix them around

    How many times have you had a one night stand

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    How many naughty videos do you have?

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