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    Thanks to everyone!!! I'll take it to a repairing shop to get it checked and if that doesn't work out, then I'll buy a new battery, now one in my vicinity has a pda! So I can't borrow anyone's battery.... and I'm pretty good with do-it-yourselves as long as they don't involve electricity! ;-) Thanks again and +rep to everyone! Special thanks to Wilhelm!

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    Smile Thought so...

    Quote Originally Posted by GamerGal Log in to see links
    ...and I'm pretty good with do-it-yourselves as long as they don't involve electricity! ;-)
    I thought so , not everyone dares to play with electricity , that is why I didn't immediately made a Tutorial-Post.
    It would take time to compose it understandable including some pictures , but it would be a waste if You don't use it in the end.

    I got electrocuted myself several times with 220Volts (and below) and don't dare to go above that voltage after I almost got struck by High-Voltage while fixing a CRT-PC monitor.
    My Uni-Meter got fried "on impact"!

    Low-Voltage is not life threatening , and for the "reviving" procedure You'd need a AC/DC adapter with an 3-6 Volts output only.
    Preferably 4.5-5.2 Volts at 100-700mAh , as that is the range a Li-Po/Li-Ion batteries electronic is made for to manage so it shouldn't burn out.

    I guess taking it to a service shop would be the best thing to do , but it will not be the cheapest as they'll just claim the battery to be faulty an sell You a new one (if You are lucky they'll have one, or they'll order one for You!).

    I hope that You'll get Your PDA's issue resolved fast and as low priced as possible - AND that it is ONLY the battery that is faulty!

    Thank You for the +Rep.

    Copied from an Wikipedia article about Li-Ion batteries:
    Depletion below the low-voltage threshold (2.4 to 2.8 V/cell, depending on chemistry) results in an unrecoverable dead battery because the protection circuit disables charging with a standard charger.
    Last edited by Wilhelm; 03-06-2010 at 10:30 PM. Reason: Wiki info added!

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    Wow, thanks to Wilhelm..
    He's one smart guy..

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    you got that right Fraziel! Thanks agian to Wilhelm!

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