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    Arrow [Tutorial] Using Nokia S60 phones as modem

    This is tried personally by me on my e63.On the basis of that i m posting these guidelines.The data cable may vary according to the phone model but the rest process will be the same-

    The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) should be activated on your phone for you to use the phone as a data modem. The GPRS is a service provided by the network operator. Kindly contact your network operator to activate the service. Once the service is activated, you will receive the settings as a message. You can save the settings and start using the GPRS service to access the internet.

    We request you to download and install the latest version of PC Suite for your computer. Please visit the link provided below to download the latest version of PC Suite for your phone:

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    We request you to follow the below mentioned steps in your phone:

    Menu > Tools > Data Cable/ USB cable > Data cable mode > Ask on connection.

    Instructions for CA-101 data cable connectivity:

    1. Install the PC Suite software from the above mentioned web site. The CA-101 cable drivers would be automatically installed by the PC Suite.

    2. If the Computer demands a restart, allow the Computer to restart.

    3. Connect the cable to the Computer and phone, wait for a while.

    4. Select Nokia PC Suite as the desired mode of connectivity.

    5. Computer will detect new hardware and will automatically start to install the new hardware.

    6. Next we need to select the connection method. To do this, go to: Control Panel-> Nokia Connection Manager-> check the CA-101' method and uncheck if any other connection method is checked.

    You can start the PC Suite and select any of the application from the PC Suite.

    Note: When connecting the handset using a data cable for the first time after installation of PC Suite, the computer installs the requisite device specific drivers. Hence, we request you to refrain from interrupting this installation in order to use all the PC connectivity features supported by your handset.

    Instructions for Bluetooth connectivity:

    1. Install the Bluetooth dongle, if the computer does not have an inbuilt Bluetooth facility. While installing the Bluetooth driver please ensure to plug the Bluetooth dongle to the computer.

    2. Install the PC Suite software and restart the computer.

    3. From the 'Control Panel' select and open 'Add new hardware', click on the 'Next' button.

    4. Windows will search for the new device, and then would prompt for an option. Select 'No, I want to add a Bluetooth wireless device' and click 'Next'. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

    5. Now pair the two Bluetooth devices. Switch on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. Name the Bluetooth device and set the visibility as 'shown to all'.

    6. From the 'Control Panel' open the 'Nokia Connection Manager' and then select 'Bluetooth connection' method. If any other connection is selected, deselect the other connection methods. Click on the configure button and the Nokia Connection Manager would search for Bluetooth devices.

    7. Select the device which we need to connect and press the 'Next' button. In the next page you would find an option to give the pass code for the Bluetooth connection.

    8. From the phone you would see the phone prompting for the pass code. Give the same pass code and accept the connection.

    9. After this pairing, the phone would establish the connection with the computer. If we do not want to do this pairing every time we want to connect the phone to the computer, select the list of paired devices and press the option to set the authorization.

    10. Start the PC Suite and select any application to find out the connection has been established

    I hope u will enjoy net surfing easily by following the above steps..

    n if this thread help u in anyway then don't forget to press +Rep
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    HI thanks for sharing nice information and i need this and i use also nokia phone

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    Thunk You For The Toturial

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    Thunk You For The Toturial is good

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    You provide and share detailed useful information on one of the good Log in to see links of Nokia. for sharing it here about Nokia S60 mobile phones. thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmacguire Log in to see links
    You provide and share detailed useful information on one of the good Log in to see links of Nokia. for sharing it here about Nokia S60 mobile phones. thanks.
    it's my pleasure to help out people...

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