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    Arrow [FAQ] How to set MP3 songs as ringtones on Sony Ericsson W810 and others

    Some users may not be able to set MP3's as ringtones because some service providers disable this feature.

    The only way you can set MP3 ringtones is to either:

    1. DRM protect the MP3 ringtone using our free Online MP3 Maker (Details can be found here) or download DRM Packager
    2. Convert the MP3 to AMR using Mobile AMR Converter (Freeware). Converting to AMR does mean you will lose alot of sound quality.

    Any questions? Please post below.

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    Hey I posted this in the ringtones forums a couple of days ago, and oyu tol dme to do the dmr package as well, but i tried that, and when i put it on my phone it still wouldnt work as a ringtone, but now the phone reads the dm file like its a info file, not a music file. it aslo says that the file is "locked". any ideas on how to fix it? ps i have the w580i

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    Try renaming the .dm to .mp3

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    In the filename, i added .mp3 but that didnt work so unless you mean something else.

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    Try the following... After you have DRM protected the file, Connect the phone to the PC in 'Phone Mode' and not in 'File transfer mode'. Once in phone mode, open up the file manager using the software suite, double click the phone icon and drag & drop the DRM protected MP3 to the file manager window (not into the file folders), after the coping is done, the phone will ask what you want to use the mp3 as, which you can select as ringtone.

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    Yay it worked! Thanks a bunch

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    What other file types does the w810i use?

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    Sorry man. This doesn't work for the w580i. It won't even give the option to set the file as a ringtone. The method posted works fine on the older models but not on this one. Please help.

  9. Default doesn't work for w580i

    any idea how to do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yatzekcs View Post
    any idea how to do it?
    I have a Sony Ericsson w580i and I converted the file from .mp3 to .wav

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