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    im hoping to have a free internet access on my mobile phone... i was searching the web and found that opera mini would help me with this....i download it and install it to my phone.

    here comes the problem

    when i open it installation follows then trying to have network access i click yes and stop saying subscribe to packet data first.

    thought my browser was not available, i connect to my web and its working im using smart sim card. i activate my gprs and mms setting to access the web using smart sim and my nokia 6300 phone.

    i browse the web and give me variety of setting to connect my packet data. i tried it one by one unfortunately nothing happens.

    school time was about to start and thought this could help my study. no need to take laptop along with me by using my phone i could easily access the web.

    please help me as activate my opera mini. and with the packet data. also i tried to restore my phone to get the default settings back and try over again. still i'm keep on failing.

    also, is there a chance to have access the web for free using your mobile phone. like hacking the web. im using smart sim card

    i tried this as well but telling me setting with the use of proxy and ip but i dont see options to put this

    i need your help please.......

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    You cant hack the internet to make you have free net. To get free internet you'd need to find a wifi hotspot that dusnt have a password

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    the application Opera mini uses just the access points to connect to Internet. just change the varities you have of smart access points [u already received it, along with your varities of internet settings], [In Nokia go Menu>settings>configuration>preferred access pt......... change one by one & try connecting], if it doesn't works your smart operator probably had stoped the access through Opera mini...... then go for new sim of any other operator [Docomo etc...]

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