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  1. Thumbs up What's the best Sony Ericsson mobile phone?

    Right here is just a general discussion.What sony ericsson mobile phone is the best one made so far?

    Right lets get started.

    My idea is the sony ericsson w580i walkman its brill but,there is one downside the memory sticks cost a LOT of money. They are m2 memory sticks,small little buggers and easy to get lost.Anyone else want to post there suggestion?

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    K800i all the way im afraid.

    However I disagree about the memory cards. I recently bought a 2gb M2 card off amazon for about £18.47 including P&P.

    The memory cards only cost alot when you decide to buy from places like an o2 shop or Argos.

    E.g. 512MB M2 from argos was £19.99 as i said mine was £18.47 for 2GB.

    I also disagree about the size. I mean once it's in the phone. How could you possibly lose it?!

    Ross x
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    you are right (but only when it is in the phone though) but i recently looked at a 2gb memory stick and it cost £28.98 and it was also second hand like your choice on phone though 3.2 megapixel,nice

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    I brought Log in to see links.
    Check it out

    Try Log in to see links if you are in the US.

    Thanks. And yeah i love it ;D

    Ross x

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    imo w950i i had the w900i before juse got the 950 and imo its a really class phone and i got it for £180 of ebay

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    I suggest Sony Ericssion W810i.
    I think that this is an amazing phone. It has really good features like radio. Log in to see links (which I have recently figured out that you can send messages through on the phone) & also MP3 & tones more. This phone is becoming more popular as well. As I keep seeing people I know with the phones. & they all agree it is really good. The camera quality is awesome as well. Which is good for when my camera runs out. & I've even had one of the photos as a computer background, & it was still a really good quality.

    So yeah I think that this phone is really good. & if you are considering buying it, I wouldn't tell you not to, as I love this phone .

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    I've been using my W800 for 2 years now. I upgraded to a Nokia 6110 Navigator, but I'm still using my SE. So in my opinion, the W800 is the best
    Then again, I had an S700i before, and it was a brilliant phone as well.

    BUT.... I think the K850i is going to make all other SE's (and a lot of other phones) look like amateurs. Can't wait to get my hands on it. (If I'm lucky enough to do so)


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    Yeah my cousin has got the S.E w800i and for years i wanted it.But at least i got a better phone than my Motorala l6,that phone was crap

  9. Talking And don't forget p1!!

    I think this is the most balanced smart phone available till date in India/Glob. Amazing! What a nice smart phone with all features you may be looking for a long time. YES! After a long way I found my dear PartnerOne (P1i). About one week back, I got it from Delhi with 22.5K including 1GB M2 Memory. Hope! This is a good price for an all-in-one phone as on date.

    Most Liking : Log in to see links life, 160MB RAM, 3.2MPix, Sound Quality, Smart design with excellent features, Most Popular Symbian OS, Types of Connections, Availability of 3rd party S/W, QWERTY keypad design (a little practice is required for easy use of keypad), Touch Screen, WLAN, excellent Performance & so on.

    Most Disliking : Atlas! No GPS, Support only 802.11b WLAN, No EDGE/HSDPA, LED flash.

    Anyway, still it is a leader if you consider all features. (Business + Multimedia + Camera). Waiting for: P5i with minimum 5MP, Xenon Flash, GPS, EDGE/HSDPA/802.11g/TV Out & So on, to beat others. Long life Sony Ericsson P series.
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