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    Lightbulb New: Free Android Apps & Games

    Hi all,

    I'm extremely pleased to announce support/a category for free Android apps and free Android games. You can now upload Android content via the upload system and each upload is worth 1RP.

    Our original plan was to reserve further updates for the new version of; however, given the popularity of the Android platform, we felt it was essential to integrate it with the present version of the website.

    An important new feature integrated in addition to the Android games/apps category is the ability to upload new versions of existing downloads. Instead of having multiple versions of a download in the gallery, only the latest version of a download is shown. Each contributor will receive reward points worth 1 upload whether the upload is original or an update to the original. Likewise, each contributor will be recognised by a "contributed by" and if applicable, an "updated by" credit.

    The version management feature is currently only available for Android content, but will be available to several other categories soon.

    With regard to future updates, as many of you will know, we have been working on completely revamping which will bring a new, fresh look to the website, support for more handsets, a much more user-friendly interface and many new features and improvements. We still cannot give a definitive date when the update will go live, but we're trying our utmost to get it complete asap, and are grateful for your patience.

    Finally, we're taking note of all of your feedback and suggestions made in the feedback forum. It's great to see so many ideas being put forward and we're very excited to be working towards putting them into practice.

    Thank you!

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    Cool, android is growing fast and deserves a place in M24..
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to see the new look of M24

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    Thumbs up

    Nice! Great job guys!

    This is gonna be great news for M24 members using the Android OS!!
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    Thumbs up Go Mobiles24 !!!

    Also noticed that an "Arcade" folder for games has been added::

    Uploading another file to the same category is offered after successfully uploading a file to the free gallery:
    same category upload.JPG

    Larger Screenshot view (for some (Java) downloads as far as I can tell):
    larger screenshot.JPG

    Nice !

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    Great job guys

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    This is so good

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    Great job guys

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    great job admins

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    thanks all of you great job
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