Hi all,

I updated my 5800 hoping to resolve my music issue, it did'nt do that and I thought it had lost the full qwerty keyboard too. I did a little looking about and found the following and thought it might be good to share.

Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Changelog:
* Kinetic scrolling
* Home style widget with Nokia 5530
* if you rotate the phone horizontally, it automatically activates the QWERTY keyboard
* Refresh Icons “Sharing Online”, “Configuring Accessories”, “Configure Phone”
* Improved application “Updating Applications”, which also renames Upgrade SW
* The application “Data transfer” was also implemented in “Settings”
* Real Player Updated
* Touch more responsive
* Slide to Unlock during call
* Improved stability
* New contact & music widget
* Kinetic Scrolling is not available in main menu, application menu, browser.
* Home Screen similar to that of Nokia 5530
* Removed the alphanumeric keypad in landscape version, now when we turned the phone alphanumeric portrait changes to full qwerty
* New screen alarm, but only when the screen is locked
* New screen incoming call, also only when the screen is locked
* Ovi Contacts installed
* In the settings menu there is a new icon for ‘Phone Switch’