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    yeh but i have been out of work for about 9 months so ive had plenty of time on my hands, but i got a new job starting next week so i wont be on as long as that when i start it

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    1 - 4 hours a day

    It really depends

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    4-6 hours i really like spending time in computer
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    switched it on at 12pm today and its 8pm now and i got a few more hours yet

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    While on holiday I stay at least about 6 hours a day ..

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    when im at home i spend to much time on the computer something like 10-14 hours but most of the time im not at home so i dont have bad feelings about spending to much time on the computer

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    about 1-2 hours a day, use it mostly to watch telly series..

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    Depends on the day... one time, I was on M24 for 5hrs straight!

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    I spend nearly 8 hours.

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    I will spend 8 - 9 hours before the computer

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