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    Arrow [FAQ] How to use MP3 songs as Ringtones on LG VX9800 (Verizon Wireless)


    Follow the instructions below:
    1. Connect your phone using your USB Data Cable
    2. Open BitPim, Select Data > Get Phone Data
    3. Select the Ringtone checkbox and press OK.
    4. A list of ringtones you currently have on your phone will now show in the Ringers window. (They may take a while to load but if they don't, reload them again)
    5. To add a ringtone, right-click Ringers under the Media sub-menu and select Add
    6. Select an audio file you want to use, adjust the Bitrate and Sample Rate to your preference and click Convert
    7. When the file has converted, click OK and the file should now show in the Ringers window.
    8. To transfer the file to your phone, select Data > Send Phone Data. (This may take a while depending on the quality and length of the audio file)
    9. Once the file has transferred, disconnect your phone and you should now be able to set the file as a ringtone.

    Thanks to Kevin for directing me to the information.

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  2. Default Lg Voyager

    How do you do this for the voyager (verizon phone). I used my internet on the phone an download a ringtone, but now i can;t find the song i downloaded. Am i missing something to make it show up on my phone as a ringtone.

  3. Default

    An exception keeps stopping me from getting data from my phone (LG enV2)????

  4. Default it does not let me download the program

    it says that their was a problem

  5. Default

    working fine with me thanks a lot.

  6. Smile

    This program works great for me. I have a LG Voyager.

  7. Default File does not have the corect extension

    Quote Originally Posted by Fairy656 Log in to see links
    it says that their was a problem
    I am still experiensing problems with trying to get the correct song that I selected to download. It says that the file does not have the correct extension. I am stuck on step 2.

  8. Default helpful

    This was helpful

  9. Question I have a samsung alias can I download mp3 ringtones on this verizon phone?

    I was told that I can't download mp3 ringtones now whats the real truth can or cant you lol

  10. Default

    wow thanks this worked out really good for me :]

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