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  1. Unhappy

    hi.... (kindly start a thread for nokia 5233 (touch screen 5th.s60)applications...becoz i ve tried many applications after downloading frm net...most of problems r 1)certificate error(contact application provider)..2) get installed but can not run it 3) certificate expired,may be date settings not valid [ i tried date change...still some not get installed.....

    I m looking for softwares/settings best for s60 5th edition nokia 5233(touch screen)which do.....
    *screening of msgs coming frm server like TA,VG,TM (they disturb me in daily working time)
    *ebook reader (medical books..pdb,MED files)
    *MS office,word,power point etc
    *adobe reader (unlock code for adobe reader LE 2.5)
    * softwares of previous versons which ll b compatible 4 Nokia 5233

  2. Default arxeia .sis

    hello!! thelw vohtheia me to n 97mini uparxei programa na anagnwrizei ta arxeia sis? kai uparxei adobe flash player??

  3. Default Icon of flashplayer on N78 and not able to delete some files.

    I have two questions, the N73 has the icon of flashplayer but the N78 does not have it. What should i do , so that i have the icon of flash player in my hacked N78 ?
    In my galerie there are some pictures and videos which are black and do not play. I can not delete from there (i have tried with Rompatcher+ , but nothing) and i can not find theese files with x-plore. What should i do ?

  4. Exclamation help

    i have this nokia 5610.. my memory card is usually half full.. i am able to download games.. all of them.. i just don't understand why an error occurs when i play some games in my phone.. it says "application error".. when i read the details, it says "Out Of Memory Error java/lang/OutOfMemoryError".. i tried to delete all of my games except one that has that error, but it still occurs.. usually, those games are the ones that has a large file size and took slower time to download than those with smaller file size. When I tested the same games i downloaded in my cousin's phone, it worked with no problem at all.. I really really want to play those games that usually occurs error..

  5. Default

    how te remove single entry from log in nokia N79

  6. Default

    my 5800 xpressmusic bought on 3/4/2009 started to switch off by itself lately...pls help...

  7. Default

    i've got a problem with my nokia 5310. When I stick headphones into the socket to listen to music, after about 3 weeks the headphone butt gets burnt. And only one of the speakers work but with nokia headphones it works propally.

    Please reply A.S.A.P.

    Thank you.

  8. Default Flash player request for my nokia

    Hi taylorpooh, pls I've been trying to download flashplayer for my browser(operamini4.2) on my nokia 2680 slide. Pls, how can I go about it? And if you have the application, try attaching it to a message for me. Thanks pal.

  9. Default want antivirus and medical dictionary for nokia 6233

    hey friend i had downloaded medical concise dictionary in my mobile of jar file but it is not openeing if u have a gud medical dictionary for my mobile pls send it to me,n also antivirus software if u have for nokia 6233 pls forward it.

  10. Default Adobe Reader LE unlock Code

    Goodmorning. I need the unlock code for Adobe Reader LE 2.5. My phone is a nokia E72 and my IMEI no is *IMEI removed*. Thaks a billion
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