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  1. Default Crime Files 2: The Templar Knight [by GLU Mobile]

    supplied by serviak
    The young detectives begin an
    investigation of a new and
    mysterious crime! Discover the
    secrets behind the sword of the
    Templars, which had been
    stolen from a museum
    exhibition in strange

    SonyEricsson Versions:


    Nokia Versions:
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    Thnx man! +rep

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    on w810 version the game freezes during chapter 7.

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    Could anybody give me some help, i'm stuck on chapter 3, don't know what to do after simone gives me the certificate of authenticity.

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    Thanks dude keep it up
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  6. Default Crime Files 2 stuck

    Ok,i am playing this game and get stuck
    i must confound simone about "scam"(the main object is about the vase)

    But,bloody h**L!!!
    everything in my inventory didnt match with the any statement

    so please,help me

    and,sorry if my english bad
    im not native anyway
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    What items do you have with you now? (I got the right one, but i forgot which item it was).

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    I'm stuck at chapter 5 and there seem to be an error in my game (can't talk to Marie about Stephine). Maybe you could write out Simone's statement. I could help you if I remember what I did.

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    There seems to be some run error when the game reaches chapter 5 on the k800i version.

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    Confound first statement whith bishop's portrait (confound the part when simone says that its a gift from his wife). Second statement should be confound with the history book (when simone says that the writing is in spanish). Third statement should be confound with the vase itself (the part where simone says it dates from 13th century).

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