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  1. Default Football-Team John Terry or Team Wayne Bridge?

    Who do you think should be kicked out of England's National Team? John Terry or Wayne Bridge?

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    No one should get kicked....What Terry did was in his personal life and that shouldnt affect his position in England or Chelsea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duje Log in to see links
    No one should get kicked....What Terry did was in his personal life and that shouldnt affect his position in England or Chelsea

    They should be chosen based on their performances on the field and commitment to the team and not based on personal life.

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    Capello has stated that any players who do not meet certain moral standards as well as fitness and work ethic standards then they will face disciplinary measures-that does not mean being kicked out of the team it means being punished-whether that be a fine or suspended or in extreme cases expelled from team.

    No matter how excited that the press and other media get about Terry and Bridge's personal life this would not count as an extreme case(I would suggest it would involve violent crime or be that extreme)

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    Every player has a right to refuse to play for their country-just off the top of my head there are 2 players from Ireland and 2 from France who refuse to play under the current managers,and in England there is Jamie Carragher who refuses to play out of position(after doing so for 8 years).
    Wayne Bridge claims he is refusing to play for the betterment of the team(to prevent division within team) but he is also sticking by his personal principles which he holds (like a lot of people-but not all)more important than his job-If someone (repeatedly) slept with the mother of my child I'd refuse to work with the guy too!

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    Joh Terry did deserve to lose the captaincy though,his affair would have both lost his team-mates' trust and respect for him(the exact opposite of what you want as a captain) and gained vastly unwanted and distracting media attention during the world cup if he stayed as captain.
    He is a talented footballer though so he deserves to keep his place in the England squad.
    (As for Chelsea it is an entirely internal matter for them,Bridge was a teammate but now he's not (if I was Ancelotti I'd say there is no concern as long as it doesn't happen again to a current teammate!)

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    I personally think that John Terry deserve to be stripped off his captaincy but of course, no one should be kicked out..

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    But it was outside the sport that it happened so how is that any different from any normal person?

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    It is no different from normal life -that is what people need to remember!
    If somebody did that to you in your workplace and you had the opportunity to refuse to work with them then you would-end of story.That is all Wayne Bridge is doing,refusing to work with with someone he can't stand.

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    I cant say what i think of terry, as it would involve nasty words

    But have 100% respect for wayne bridge, and never will i support terry for England, hes a disgrace i hate the man.

    I like how terry puts his hand out, bridge just walks on ignoring him, quality

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