240x400, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, Samsung i900 Omnia

I'll be sharing some Samsung Omnia I900 touch games 240x400

So lets kick this off with.

Scrabble Mobile I900 Omnia

After 60 years of popularity with millions of players worldwide, Scrabble® has proven to have universal appeal. Now Scrabble® goes mobile in an all-new version, featuring 3 different game modes and an up-to-date English vocabulary.

Take on up to 3 virtual opponents in 4 different difficulty levels or go head-to-head with your friends by sharing the phone in Multiplayer Mode. Train your Scrabble® skills and strategy in Solitaire mode, and collect as many points as you can at your own pace. Fine-tune the Scrabble® challenge with time limits, round limits, and score goals in both Multiplayer and Solitaire Modes.

Quick Game gives you 4 sets of 7 letters from which you and up to 3 opponents form words to gain as many points as possible. After each round, Quick Game reveals the best possible scores and words for each set. Quick Game is the perfect brain boosting Scrabble® snack!

Scrabble® Mobile delivers an exciting Scrabble® experience for you and your friends!

Samsung Omnia I900 Touch Games, 240x400

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