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  1. Arrow Samsung Omnia I900 Touch Games (240x400)

    240x400, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, Samsung i900 Omnia

    I'll be sharing some Samsung Omnia I900 touch games 240x400

    So lets kick this off with.

    Scrabble Mobile I900 Omnia

    After 60 years of popularity with millions of players worldwide, Scrabble® has proven to have universal appeal. Now Scrabble® goes mobile in an all-new version, featuring 3 different game modes and an up-to-date English vocabulary.

    Take on up to 3 virtual opponents in 4 different difficulty levels or go head-to-head with your friends by sharing the phone in Multiplayer Mode. Train your Scrabble® skills and strategy in Solitaire mode, and collect as many points as you can at your own pace. Fine-tune the Scrabble® challenge with time limits, round limits, and score goals in both Multiplayer and Solitaire Modes.

    Quick Game gives you 4 sets of 7 letters from which you and up to 3 opponents form words to gain as many points as possible. After each round, Quick Game reveals the best possible scores and words for each set. Quick Game is the perfect brain boosting Scrabble® snack!

    Scrabble® Mobile delivers an exciting Scrabble® experience for you and your friends!

    Samsung Omnia I900 Touch Games, 240x400

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  2. Default

    Little Shop Of Treasures I900 Omnia

    Welcome to Huntington, a charming little town where if you look close enough, all your dreams can come true. As you set out on your adventure, you buy a charismatic old tumbledown shop. To earn some money for the renovation, you help out other shopkeepers in Huntington. As customers arrive, it's your job to find everything they are looking for. Little Shop of Treasures features five different stores and two challenging game modes.

    Samsung Omnia I900 Touch Games, 240x400

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  3. Default

    Cake Mania Celebrity Chef I900 Omnia

    This being the third mobile game in a popular series, it won't surprise you to learn that the core gameplay remains virtually unchanged. You, as Jill, must take orders for delicious cakes and go through the procedure of making them by cueing up each stage - baking the base, adding the frosting, handing it over and taking the money.


    Samsung Omnia I900 Touch Games, 240x400

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  4. Default

    Carnival Land I900 Omnia

    All the fun of a carnival comes to your mobile with the richest content and 14 hilarious mini-games. Play the famous Dunk Tank, Bandit Shooting and Test Your Strength in four difficulty levels that will constantly keep you challenged. Play as one of 2 characters and visit 5 colorful environments like space or the Wild West, each with a unique atmosphere, to win challenges and prizes and unlock more games. Going to the carnival has never been so much fun!

    Samsung Omnia I900 Touch Games, 240x400

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  5. Default Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition i900 Omnia

    Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition I900 Omnia

    Join host Regis Philbin in the official mobile version of Million Dollar Password 2009, a modern update of one of television's greatest game shows. Based on the new hit show, players team up with celebrities to earn up to one million dollars. If the player and celebrity work well together and become a solid team, that player could uncover the Million Dollar Password.

    Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition is a trademark of FremantleMedia Operations BV. 2008 FremantleMedia North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2008 RealNetworks. RealNetworks and RealArcade are registered trademarks of RealNetworks, Inc.

    Samsung Omnia I900 Touch Games, 240x400

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  6. Default

    UNO™ I900 Omnia

    Everybody knows UNO™ - the classic card game of matching colors and numbers that’s #1 for family fun. Now you can play it on your mobile phone against computer opponents or friends on a single device! Customize the game with your own house rules and penalties, throw down Action Cards like Skip and Reverse in furiously thrilling games! Get rid of your hand before everyone else, but don’t forget to shout “UNO™!” when you’re down to one card!

    UNO™ on mobile reproduces the classic card game:
    Easy-to-understand rules offer challenge and excitement to all.
    Use your Action Cards wisely and don't forget to call "UNO™!" when you have only one card left!
    All your favourite Action Cards are here: Wild, Reverse, Draw 2, and more!
    Customize your game with 9 different rule sets to play your way including 7-0 and Jump-in.
    Progress through the increasingly difficult challenges in Tournament Mode to collect prizes.
    Play against the AI or your friends on one device in Multiplayer Mode

    Samsung Omnia I900 Touch Games, 240x400

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  7. Default mobile application development

    really nice one!!!! (I personally hate java games. it takes too much space on a small memory!!) but it's still an awesome pack for those who love java! Keep up the good work!!

  8. Default

    Could you upload the games to another filehoster because megaupload is dead?

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