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  1. Unhappy bad news:(

    hey fellow members i have really bad news

    my wife had a car accident

    the doctors say shes fine but will need to stay in the hospital a while

    if you had the same expirience with your loved ones im so sorry cuz i almost got a heart attack
    no mountain or sea will keep me away from you,no person or wall will keep me away from you,cuz this is not my world... are.

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    Sorry to hear that
    hope she makes a full recovery soon, be strong mate.

    But i dont think other peoples bad experiences will make you feel any better.
    Last edited by Paul; 14-02-2010 at 11:05 PM.

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    I'm sorry man Don't worry, she'll be fine, you'll see.

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    Sorry to hear that mate, hope it all goes okay for you

  5. Unhappy

    I'm sorry

  6. Post

    Am really sorry to hear that Cheer up okay?

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    Sorry to hear that Antonio..

    We hope that she makes a full recovery really soon.

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    Sorry to hear that....
    I hope she will recover soon

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    Take care of her to the fullest..

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    Very sorry to hear that Antonio

    Hope your wife makes a full recovery, and i agree with paul.
    Better for you to put all your effort and concentration into being there for your wife.

    All the best


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