Three news ready for the Apple event on 27 January 2010

Should we believe the latest rumors from Fox News, there are three news to be presented at Apple's media event on the 27th January.
The main attraction is of course the much-awaited Mac Tablet, which the whole industry is waiting with anticipation to see how Apple is going to such a look.
But the result Fox News there are possibly other news coming.Now comes the final iPhone OS 4.0 . According to Clayton Morris from will Apple Events 27 January not only offer a tablet, but also a new version of iPhone OS version 4.0. The same source, we should not expect any new iPhone.
"I have spoken to a source at Apple this morning, before the invitations hit my inbox, saying that the event will probably focus on three projects: one tablet, iPhone, 4, and a new iLife 2010 software. Although we will not see the new iPhone hardware, we will see the next generation of software. "Says Morris.
The release of iPhone OS 4.0 fits very well with earlier rumors that have suggested that a update of the iPhone OS have been waiting for the release of Apple's tablet.
Apple is also known for pulling rabbits out of the hat, or to change plans at the last minute, so even if the above is factually correct, it is not certain that is what Apple ends up on the day.
Finally, Apple should also be ready with iLife 2010th While there are rumors out about the contents of iLife 2010, as expected software package to use technology in Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and therefore drop support for Power PC.