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    humdunnodittohum on my sofabut nottybaddy munchnow

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    punkey Brewster where u

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    new @ this ? reply 2thread

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    yumyum time I know grrright!

  5. Default for all the many reasons, I am thankful we are here together

    I said keep in touch, now I am back.

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    would you rather I leave because nobody is conversing with me?

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    sometimes I respond to other people whom I feel uncomfortable with, by remarking humorously, but when I am joked about concerning the possibility of being a pillow, then I require clarification, to see if the comment is indicative of possibly bedroom maneuvers, or my silly weight problem.

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    I am fortunate, in that I was privileged to read books that informed me more concerning socially responding without being aggressively attacking, and when I was introduced to this approach, I chose to adopt the principle into my habit of relating.

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    him, let me think a minute.

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    see ya. thanks. fawny.

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