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    Hello all, I am on pay as you go and I have a vodafone sim card in my old phone, but now wish to use this sim card in my new phone, and remain on vodafone network and pay as you go.
    Is it possible to do this ? When the phone was purchased a new number was given, but I wish to keep the old one - confused as to what to do.
    Cheers for any help you can give.

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    If it is a vodafone or simfree mobile you can still use your old simcard
    but if it isnt you can go to the provider of your new phone and ask them to unlock the phone

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    Thanks for the reply.
    My old phone was a Motorola, my new phone is the Samsung Tocco Lite. As I said, my network is Vodafone and after placing the sim card in the Tocco Lite, all is okay except when I go into the Vodafone menu and select 'balance' it comes up with PAYT not available, I have also tried to top up using this menu but get the same message again.
    I have contacted Vodafone from there site via e-mail, and very surprised to get a quick response, which gave me the *#1345# option to obtain my balance, which comes through no problem, but I am still at a loss as to why it will not let me top-up.
    Am I supposed to contact Samsung and get the phone unlocked ?
    Hope you can help me sort this out please.

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    I think you have to unlock it which is usually a $50 fee.. or probably a little less

    The professionals can do it at your local Samsung store i beleive

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    Ok, problem sorted. A trip to Vodafone shop and they put in a new sim card and all okay.

    Thanks for all the help.

    Happy New Year !!

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    If your new mobile is unlocked means, you can use the vodafone network..Otherwise you have to unlock it and use the vodafone network.This unlocking can be done through codes.If you need get it from ****************.com .This will help you to unlock your mobile easily.

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