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    I'm happy Schumacher returns, no matter about the results he shows, he is a legend and for all his fans it would be a great feeling to see him again in F1 car, though not Ferrari,it doesn't matter. I want to support great champions like him that have brought so much enjoyment and excitement to his fans, not some 18-year-old pilots who noone knows or some pseudo-"genius" like Hamilton. And as for the results, I'm sure Schumacher has a lot to show, if he is given a good car. Have you watched the Races of the champions in China? Schumacher beat Vettel and Button there, really, not in a F1 car, but that means he hasn't lost his ability to choose the best path on track and his agression. So, it's no wonder if Schummi adds an 8-th title that year
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    If he takes the championship this year, then I will take back everything bad I've ever said about him

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noxide Log in to see links
    If he takes the championship this year, then I will take back everything bad I've ever said about him
    Oh,you don't mean that....

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    I think theres a good chance he will return.
    will it be good for F1 ? not so sure.
    also think he has possibly been out of the seat for too long and may strruggle to adapt to the new rules/cars etc, but he is class so maybe not.


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    Yes,and his performance will depend much on the car Mercedes have made,if it's fast,Schumacher may take advantage of that...,but the only sure thing is that the races 're going to be exciting! Schumacher vs Alonso vs Hamilton vs Button vs Vettel!...unfortunately only Raikonen is missing
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    might stick £10 on him winning 2010 drivers championship @4/1 with sky bet.

    all though i want Alonso to win it, and hes same prize.

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    He won't take the championship.

    Yes, he's 7 times world champ and yes he is still fast, but Alonso has been stuck in a tin can for two years, Vettel got a whiff of the championship last year, Hamilton will want to prove a point and don't discount Nico Rosberg, who is in the same car as Schumi.

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    Yeah, theres alot of doubts, so being second fav isnt good value really.

    Ill wait for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Log in to see links

    Ill wait for now.
    It's going to be worth it though. This might have been the season I looked forward to the most, had it not been for the stupid refueling ban.

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