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    Little big planet meets Mario kart

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    Played Guitar Hero World Tour this morning... without the guitar.

    And played abit of Prototype as well.

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    Just Cause 2.


    It's HUUUUGE

  4. Smile

    Super Mario Galaxy 2

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    i have 1 deniable ops left to complete on splinter cell conviction...may do that today

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    has anyone else seen the trailer for the new Call of Duty game?

    Call Of Duty:Black Ops

    looks good

    out 09/11/2010

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    Red Dead Redemption. It's awesome.

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    Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles on WII

  9. Post

    Bought an old anime game called Ghost In The Shell for the PS1 about 3 days ago and it finally came today

    Played it, and it was pretty good! I give it 8/10 based on the Gamefaqs ratings

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    Just Cause 2

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