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  1. Default Crack iPhone to Install Cracked App/Games (WinXP/Vista & Firmware 2.2.1)

    Hey friends now you can crack your iPhone to install cracked applications and games. Follow the steps given below;
    1. Install WinSCP on your PC
    2. Install and open SSH on your iPhone
    3. Connect your iPhone to your PC
    4. After connecting, go to WinSCP
    5. Click on ROOT, on the left top of WinSCP (If you are using Vista, go back to Root using the up button.)
    6. Again, go to:
    ROOT>System>Library>PrivateFrameworks>MobileInstal lationsframework
    7. You should see mobile installation file
    8. Now minimize your WinSCP, after downloading the Mobile Installation file cracked, open the zip file, take out the new mobile installation file out of zip and drag & drop it in the WinSCP directory you're in.
    9. WinSCP will ask you to replace, click YES.
    10. After replacing, right click on mobile installation file go to its properties, make sure that the permission set is 0755
    11. Go back 1 time using the up button.
    12. Right click on the mobile installation framework folder, then properties, make sure the permission set is 0755, and check the "Set Group owner and Permission..."
    13. Close WinSCP.
    You’re done! Now you can enjoy cracked applications and games. All you have to do now is open Itunes and drag & drop (Or Double Click) to any App/Game file you like to install.
    Required Applications
    • WinSCP
    • Mobile Installation 2.2.1
    • OpenSSH (Installed On Your Iphone Using Cydia)

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    This is really a nice post, that you have updated us with all of nice information that can be very useful for future aspect. Thanks for sharing.
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    is it possible to somehow backup and restore original files?

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