Im quite frustated, i cant seem to find half of devalley games. In their site (Log in to see links) you can see a lot of good games, but even if you search the web for the games, i think it doesnt exist or maybe nobody bothers to upload the games. After playing Landers, and actually enjoyed it i have search for devalley games but no luck. I would like to request some devalley games. I have made a list of devalley games that i cannot find or probably rare to find or didnt really exist but look at the release date in their site, most of them are released in 2005-2006. Here is the list that i want.

DOESNT EXIST OR RARE TO FIND AND THE THING THAT I WANTno luck at me finding it, ive searched everywhere for it, 4shared, mediafire, rapidshare, here in the forums, gallery, 3rd party site that provide games, google, even torrent, etc.):
1. Boomerang Joe
2. Halloween night
3. Zombie nurse
4. Pikubi
5. Go Go 2

1. Landers
2. Knight Tales
3. Gun fever
4. Nowhere
5. Crash of the titans
6. Rambo on fire
7. Oban star racers
8. Holy wars

NOTE: My phone is w800i, i prefer 176x220 k750 screen version. And english version please.

If this thread has no replies, that means. Even you, you and you can't find it. If you have found any of one above in the thing that i want list. YOU ARE GREAT AND AWESOME, maybe you have a lot of resources than me.

THANKS IN ADVANCE, +rep the one who will post the games. ^_^

BTW, a guy named dleovac here in mobiles24 already posted the same topic about a year ago, but mine was more detailed and more goal oriented.