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    so i have a samsung t619 from t-mobile... we can't afford the bill right now, so we got a couple of prepaid gophones (cingular) they were cheap but the phones themselves are motorola (which i hate) and just all around awful... i don't want to have to hunt down and pay for a cingular phone, but we're stuck with those until we fall into some money to pay off t-mobile... since t-mobile does sim cards and cingular does too, i tried to put the cingular sim into my t-mobile phone... it says "wrong sim"... is there a way to unlock the sims so that i can use the samsung phone instead of the motorola??

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    \\YES THEIR is a way. You pay 20-30 quids to T-Mobile and they'll give you a code which you can then type in which will unlock your phone

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    wow... that sounds sooo not worth it... thanks though

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    dose any body knw how to unlock my lg chocolate im on virgin iv tried the 2945 thing n it didnt work can any 1 help:wub

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    Default alternatives

    Or you can go ebay to find cheap unlock code,
    and search google for free code if you are lucky to pick one, but the unlock process is dangerous, on one guarantees no issues.
    see some unlock FAQ

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    your best contacting t-mobile and asking for a Subsidy Unlock Coke, i work for t-mobile uk and they charge £15 and it can take anything upto 28 working day as they have to send your imei number (handset serial number) to the manufacturer, it would be your safest option to do it this way

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