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  1. Default any info on Motorola evoke????

    I just got a motorola evoke (BT60) and I can't find any information on the web about how to put homemade ringtones on it, they worked fine on my RAZR but I can't assign them to contacts on this new phone. Any info would be greatly appreciated. THX!

  2. Talking Motorola Evoke and ringtones

    If you just got it that's great but you are gonna need a PC for this because your memory card is not specifically formatted for the motorola evoke you are gonna need to move the ringtones to a PC format the memory card and then insert it back into your Motorola Evoke reboot the phone it will format your card for this phone and then you can move pics music movies whatever you wish if music you will need to build your library and then it will allow you to use the ringtones as long as it is one of the supported format mp3 most popular.

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