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  1. Default My Sailor Moon Themes

    Tell me what you like/dislike Thanks.

    (Oh, and if you can offer some general tips on improving my themes....thanks again ).
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    I really like them,especially the Usagi one.

    Any chance you might do a Sailor Neptune/Kaioh Michiru one that would work on the LG Neon?

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    Umm sure. But since I don't own an LG Neon, i don't know how to make themes and can't test it either. But OK, I'll google around a bit and I'll make that theme.

    EDIT: 2 things:

    1. replacing the theme on an LG KS360 apparently involves hacking the phone's software, which will void the warranty.
    2. the phone uses SWF's for the theme, and i've never created an SWF before. ^^' soz.
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