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    demo version

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    this is 100% DEMO
    please test the game before posting it

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    I have that game.Who wants it, full version English

  4. Smile Contr Terrorism 3D: Episode 2 [by Net Lizard]

    Net Lizard - Contr Terrorism 3D - Episode 2 (English/full) NO JAD required fixed By me
    SE 128x160 Version

    SE 240x320 Version

    SE 176x220 Version

    "Exciting continuation of army ranger’s chronicles.
    Time did not change the old principles and goals that you need to achieve...

    Time did not change the essence of the problem that only you can solve!

    The only things that have changed are your level of experience and methods of fight against terrorism.

    - 3D first-person POV shooter
    - 3D graphics on all types of cell phones
    - full-fledged game via BlueTooth (Deathmatch)
    - implementation of contemporary computer and console “3D render” basics
    - technology of photo-textures’ realization
    - lighting of premises, shadows, half-shadows, flashes
    - 9 full-fledged 3D levels and objects
    - hostages rescue and evacuation missions, mine clearing of buildings
    - 11 types of guns (including fragmentation grenade and flash grenade)
    Desert Eagle
    Flash Grenade
    Fragmentation grenade
    - realistic gun ballistics (type, range, power, effectiveness, cartridge belt, impact)
    - 3D level maps
    - tracing of bullets and gun shots"
    SE 128x160 version

    SE 240x320 version

    SE 176x220 version

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    I don't actually post anything on m24 but this needs to be post.Images and Direct links.Well Enjoy Well i fix links now just click to download
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    thanks for the full version

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    Okay Your Welcome

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    good job. U rock

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    could you do the same thing for 176x220 and +rep

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    hi dont wish to sound ungrateful but this is not the full game just a demo/trial is there anychance of the full gamefor 240/320

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