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    Out of all you guys I know someone out there can help me figure this phone problem out. I need to turn on and be able to use this phone. It's like my mission now. It can't beat me. Can anyone help me to unlock the sim pin or figure out the special code needed to awaken this thing. I bought it at a yard sale and I realy want to get it working. I am a sports fan so I'm very cometitive.The sim card is from at&t. The number on the front is 89014103212314064322 and the number on the back 71234G3022.The phone is a Motorola i335. . IC #1090-HG2. SN #364VJADY05.FCC ID #IHDT56HD2. The start up screen says it's a nextel activation. Her's what happens. I hit the power up button and it turns on. Then Enter Special code now. It's an 8 digit code. I know I can penatrate it if someone will help me. I would be grateful.
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    ? What network are you going to use ? You will get a code from them when you sign up.

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    check *******, the phones are unlocked and cheap, you may try it. Hope this helps.

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    Hello! Very interesting topic, thank you raised it
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