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  1. Default any Motorola I580 users that have used ringtones on here please reply!!

    I have an I580 from nextel and I am abel to use my data transfer card to obtain ringtones through that and also i have a data cable with the Iden programs yet am still UNABLE to use the ringtones other than with my audioplayer or to listen to them. I am NOT able to assign them as ringers and would love to know and learn how to access that. please if you've encountered this and know how to fix it please reply to this or email me at sic_waze yahoo dot com I would greatly appreciate it.. thank you in advance.

  2. Default

    change them to WAV. files

  3. Default I580 ringtone and media management problems

    I tried changing the clips from MP3 to WAV. and the phone still will not let you assign what you put on the phone as a ringtone, just got the phone so I have been reading and studying trying to fig this out. I would all most say it has to do with DRM and a closed network.
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