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    Nitro Street Racing 2D + 3D

    Mobile Game Review

    Title: Nitro Street Racing 2D + 3D
    Developer: Gameloft
    Publisher: Gameloft
    Release Date: 2007
    Format: J2ME
    Game Features: The City Is Mine, Single Race, Free Roam.
    Reviewed on: SE W980


    Welcome to the world of street racing! Youíll have the opportunity to compete against top racers in drag races, circuit races, sprint races and many more. Unlock new cars and tune them to perfection with engine and transmission upgrades. Nitro Street Racing throws you directly into the action with two game modes to race in: Single Race and The City Is Mine. Nitro Street Racing 2D and 3D versions donít differ much with both versions having similar layouts.


    Nitro Street Racing is this weekís review with plenty of features for me to get through. First things first, Iíve been unwell and away for awhile so I do apologize that there have been no follow up reviews for the past couple of weeks.

    Starting things off letís talk about Nitro Street Racing and its story mode: The City Is Mine. The 2D and 3D stories are basically the same, though the 3D version doesnít experience a few cutscenes the 2D version includes. Players start off with a Ford Focus as their car and you have returned to the city which now has a new racing king. Ortega, the new Latino racing king has stolen your reputation and your girl. The story lacks depth with the main objective to complete races, battle the boss racer of a particular location, and then when thatís all said and done beat Ortega and win your girl back. The story does keep you entertained with five locations and many different races for you to compete in, though you donít experience much character interaction which is a shame.

    Youíll also have to unlock cars as you progress through the races and gain new upgrades. Buy new cars and tune them to make them more powerful and effective. You can also apply different paints to your cars to give them that personal customized effect. Unlock engine and transmission upgrades which will increase the speed and control of your car, depending on what type of upgrade you use.

    Another feature that attracts great attention, is the ability to roam freely in your environment, in story mode. Explore and select the races that you want to complete in any order you want. Thereís no set race order or location order so Nitro Street gives players freedom of choice, which is always a nice feature to have. Gameplay wise the game gives racing game fans a good selection of races such as drag races, sprint races, circuit races plus many more in single mode and story mode. There is however room for improvement with the racing side of the game needing a few tweaks and a better story mode, which would have surely given the game a better chance of winning over more gamers.
    Single race is basically the same as The City Is Mine except thereís no story or free roam ability, just complete races and all the different locations with any car you choose.
    As far as graphics are concerned the 2D version gives its 3D counterpart a run for its money with the 3D version of the game a disappointment in the graphics department. Both the 2D and 3D versions experience detailed environments with other cars, traffic lights and buildings all in clear view. The 3D version I believe though could have definitely been better from a developer such as Gameloft. The cars are quite fuzzy and a bit rigid around the edges, which I know are small blemishes though theyíre quite noticeable and annoying blemishes. To sum it up, they could have been better.
    I also found both disappointment and delight in the sounds area of the game, with a nice selection of music for the game, though disappointment in the fact there are no real sound effects. The main menu features good polyphonic ringtones which if you listen to them, you might know the song. Well Iím sure I know the song, but maybe itís just in my head. Anyways on with what I was saying, catchy tunes, though there are no sounds of cars speeding, nothing whatsoever, which is quite poor. No bumping sound effects, engines, crashing, explosions, absolutely nothing.


    As always I finish with a quick note and summary of events. So to sum up Nitro Street Racing, itís a good game though itís not great and could use a fair few improvements. Though itís a good time waster which I always love, must love a game that you just forget everything and focus on winning non-stop, just kidding. Donít get addicted kids!



    Graphics: 6.5/10
    2D average, 3D average

    Sound: 8.5/10
    Main soundtrack great, but no sound effects

    Gameplay: 7.0/10
    Wide variety of races

    Story: 4.0/10
    Corny story of ďwin back the girlĒ

    Overall Score : 7.5 out of 10

    The_Dead_Man's Final Thoughts:

    Nitro Street Racing is one of games from Gameloft which is an innovative concept.
    The career mode is big and different types of races adds more zing to it.
    The free roam mode works well in the game and provides some comic relief, like you can relax
    and cruise around the city after some gruelling action packed racing.
    Customization options for your rides is a new feature and it works well.
    However graphics could have been better and the game has a cheap
    and poor storyline with a hackneyed plot thus it lacks freshness and excitement.
    On the whole,if you're a fan of racing games, then Nitro Street Racing is a game worth playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_dead_man Log in to see links
    Good review. Well done
    dead_man's thoughts....
    But you're dead....

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    Maybe it were his final thoughts...

    I re-installed this game, and yeah, it's a rather good game with its good and bad side as said in the review...
    My finals thoughts , excellent review as always Brianna...

    "We must never be afraid to go too far, for truth lies beyond."

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    too have cheat..
    NFS is better

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    Next Review: Prison Tycoon by THQ Wireless

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    tha pernaei grhgora h ora sth douleia me toso nitrooooooo

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    Good review m rating it 4/5 !

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