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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Log in to see links
    Feeling sick so I think a beer is needed.
    Sorry to read that.
    ...get well soon, my friend.

    I am feeling good.

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    ...feeling awesome, relaxed and ready for everything.
    of course, when i say 'everything' i mean only for good stuff, all rightie ?

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    Overworked and underpaid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vivian Log in to see links
    Overworked and underpaid!
    So sorry to ready that, my friend.
    Unfortunately, we all are like that and that's just when we have a job to be occupied with, and when we don't it is even worse.

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    Pretty good but tired.

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    ...feeling good.

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    I have a headache

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluSky Log in to see links
    I have a headache
    Sorry to read that, my friend.
    Get well soon...

    I am feeling pretty good.

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    This thread was started by my ex fiance who is now married to the idiot she cheated with and now she's expecting a mini-her. Great. I feel just wonderful. Lol.

    She's fat now. Good thing she dumped me.

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