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    Question psp

    i think this is the right place i should write ideas so i think if we can upload psp and do a psp section is good idea am sure almost 99% it will work i create psp themes i did like 20 packs so far the pack have been downloaded by more than 10k person downloaded them

    so i dont know if its good idea or no hope get answer soon and hope it get accepted as am sure 90% refuse lol thx
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    sounds like a good idea
    you have a pretty good rep. so it may just work.

    BUT this is mobiles24 so thhey may not want it...

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    A PSP isn't a mobile phone (yet).

    This is a mobile phone site.

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    the psp is playstaion portable so u can take it any where like mobile i just think its a good idea and am sure it will help tha site it take themes and wallpapers and programs and games exactly like mobile phones so i think themes and wallpapers is good if u add that section

  5. Smile nice

    If we're talking about the site's title it may work. But untill now, everything that was not related to mobile phones was not accepted.

    This may be a good idea, however, to increase the users . It could add some popularity, who knows ?
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    Make a poll to see how many people from this site own psp,and then decide what to do next.i own psp,and realy like the idea of psp section

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    Well, M24 is a mobile phone site, so anything that is not related with mobile phones will not be accepted yet.

    But then, this may be a good idea as it will add more variety to the site and definitely increase the site's popularity .

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    In some ways, you're right. PSP content is popular, and many people would download it. It would be beneficial for A site, not this Mobile Site. People don't come to a mobile phone site looking for PSP content, in the same way people don't look on PSP sites for mobile phone content.

    And if we should include it just because it's portable, does that mean we should start supporting Nintendo DS's, Gameboys, iPods and others?

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