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  1. Smile Music Education

    So... we all love music. Right? And I'm sore that each country in whole world have at least one good band, singer or whatever...
    Now in this thread I wanna make theme more popular! Just write some good bands or singers in your country including which music genre are they playng so everyone can go and find some of their songs!
    I'll go first whith some bands in Serbia:

    -Riblja Corba (one of the best serbian bands) - Rock;
    -Bajaga - Pop-rock (most are ballads);
    -Bijelo Dugme (they're actualy bosnian band, but then we was one country Yugoslavia and you know....) Rock with balkanian-etno.

    There are more of course, but in the some other post!
    So let me see some of singer and bands in your country...

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    Can we post some bands of our country, but those are singing in English ?
    They are not singing in Greek Language, cuz i am from Greece, that's why.

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    You can post them. Important think is that they are from your country. They can sing in every language...

    In this thread you can criticize other bands. For example: In first post I mentioned Riblja Corba. Now you can find them on YouTube or somewhere, listen to some their song and post if you like them or not !
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    Those are Greek bands singing in English.

    Firewind - Power Metal, Thrush Metal.
    Rot - Progressive Metal.

    These bands are worth to be checked out by others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by No1Eye Log in to see links
    Those are Greek bands singing in English.

    Firewind - Power Metal, Thrush Metal.
    Rot - Progressive Metal.

    These bands are worth to be checked out by others.
    Firewind are awesome!
    I would add Mystic Prophecy to these Greek metal bands!

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    WOW I didn't know for them
    I like all of them!
    Firewind - Breaking The Silence is awsome song... and they are too!
    ROT - The Path... grait song with traditional greek sounds!
    and Mystic Prophecy... I have their discography ! They are like Rhapsody Of Fire... I didn't know that they're greeks but they are just grait too

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    And here are some of Serbian metal bands :

    Alogia - Progressive Metal,heavy metal,(I think they have 3 albums)

    Forever Storm - Power metal,they have recorded only demo,but songs are awesome)

    Rain Delay - Fusion metal,with clean female vocal and they also have growl vocal,at this time they have two album

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    Yeah Alogia is awesome
    There are some their songs:
    This one is metal cover

    But next are their!

    They are very close to Hammerfall

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    Those are Bands that are from Greece as well.
    Some people of the groups are from foreign countries, such as USA and England though.

    Black Ocean - Rock, Alternative Music
    Barb Wire Dolls - Rock, Punk Music
    Katrin The Trill - Rock, Alternative Music
    Fastlane Roogalator - Rock Music

    I would suggest to check them out too.
    They are NOT like the 2 bands i mentioned to my previous post, but they are cool.

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    Wildhearts-Heavy,Hard rock
    Hard fi-Alternative/Indie rock

    From the Uk

    Neither band are particularly mainstream but they have had succesful moments with both bands having top ten singles regularly.

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