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    Arrow [Tutorial]How to make animated gif files

    What we are going to need:

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    Both programms are free!

    First of all we need to resize the images we have to the desired resolution.As an example,i create a Harry Potter animated gif for a 240x320 screen.
    So,we open Paint.NET(or any other software) and we resize all of the pics we want to use in the gif.
    Click on "Image" then "Resize" and we write 240 and 320.

    After this,we save the pic in gif format("Save as..." and click on gif).

    After we have resized all of the pics,we open microsoft gif animator and we open one of the pics we just resized.This pic will be used as the last pic of the gif we will create.

    Then we click on "Insert" and we add the other pics we want to use in the gif file.The last pic we will add will be the first file of the animation.

    Then,we click on "Select all" and we click on the subcategory "Animation".
    The checkboxes "Looping" and "Repeat forever" must be checked.

    After this,we click on the subcategory "Image" and we specify how fast we want the pics to change.For example i write 50(half second).

    The we click on "Save as" and we save the file!

    The gif animation is ready!
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